Big Mac Bowl with Turnip Fries



This is my absolute new most favorite food to eat. It tastes so good and it really reminds me of eating a big mac. The biggest difference is that the at home version has a heck of a lot less calories.

To make the wonderful Big Mac bowl, it is easy. Very easy! It is so easy it is hard to write a whole blog post about it. All you need is lean ground beef, iceberg lettuce, dill pickles, onion, and thousand island dressing. To make it I cook my lean ground beef, then I shred the iceberg lettuce, cut the pickles and onion. Then I throw all the fixins’ in a bowl and mix in the thousand island dressing. Ba bam! It’s ready to eat and it is so good. You must eat it slowly to really enjoy it.

Because the big mac bowl was so easy to make, maybe we should have something to with it. Some fries perhaps?! My other new favorite food to eat is turnip fries. I know they may not sound good but they really are. I slice up my turnip into “fries” then I put some olive oil on them and bake them in the oven. I often sprinkle them with chili powder and oregano, for some extra flavor.

These are 2 of my new favorite foods on this crazy diet that I am on. You should try them, they are worth it.

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