Our Easter Tradition



Another Easter is over and while it still looks like Winter in our area, I can’t help but feel happy and spring like. We had a great Easter and a great day, we spend the whole day doing stuff together.

After we woke up this morning and did our Egg hunt, our girls settled in to “play” with their new treasures. I just have to talk about what has become our Easter tradition. My husband and I like to think of ourselves as “practical” and we like to do things a little differently. While our children may not see the value in it now, perhaps they will when they are older. I saw a lot of facebook posts today where children got a lot of gifts for Easter, in same cases it looked like Christmas. We don’t do that. For Easter each year our children get seeds, jiffy pots, dirt, other garden supplies and bird seed. They also got some bubbles, a skipping rope, and the littlest got a bucket with a shovel and other sand tools. Plus a few Easter eggs. That is all! There was no clothes, no bikes, no toys for indoors, no nothing. So this morning after our Easter egg hunt and of course a breakfast of chocolate eggs, we planted seeds for hours. We had a blast and once we were finished with the seeds we moved onto making bird feeders. That was our Easter.

We have spent a lot of time trying to rid ourselves of stuff and to step away from “consumerism” and the need for more, more, more. Sometimes we think maybe we should get our children more, especially when we always have to hear about what their have and what their friends are doing. But you know we all decide how we will raise our children and this is what we have chosen. Like I said above, while our children may not see the value in it now, perhaps they will one day.


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