Frozen Invitations/ Treat bag


For our invitations, we got kind of creative. Rather than buying the invitations, which probably would have been easier, we made ours.

To make our invitations we used some left over Frozen Valentines that we had. All we did was print off the information that needed to be added to the invitations, we made sure it was the right size to fit the back of the Valentine. We cut the paper to fit the Valentines and glued them to the back of the Valentines. That’s it! All we did. That’s our party invitations.

We also decided that they needed envelopes to go in. So we took a normal letter sized envelope and cut it in half. The invitations fit into them perfectly.

Treat bags are going to be super simple. We are just going to do Frozen skipping ropes and candy. The candy will be what is collected when they break the piñata. We used brown paper bags for the treat bags, our daughter wrote Thanks for coming on the bags and added Frozen Sticker


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