Frozen Pinata/ Games



We searched for Frozen piñatas and while we did find some they were kind of pricey. I think $20.00 for something they are going to destroy is a bit much. We are going to make our own piñata but we are not going to do the traditional paper mache and balloon type of thing.

What we have decided to do is to take a cereal box, they are relatively thin, and turn it into our piñata. We have purchased white tissue paper and used wrapping paper that we had left over, to help create our project.


The first thing we did was to take the cereal box and add in the candy, lots of different treats. We then wrapped the cereal box with the white tissue paper. The birthday girl took the wrapping paper and cut out the pictures to tape to the box. She was so happy with the Pinata that she made.

We now have our Frozen piñata. Total cost to create was $3.00, a big savings of $17.00 from a store bought Pinata.

We also made a pin the nose on Olaf game. I cant share a picture of it, I am not an artist at all. I apparently cant even draw a snowman.


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