Frozen Birthday party decor


Frozen Birthday Party Décor

I think this is one of my favorite parts of the party planning. Less is more, I know this for sure. However when it comes to party decorations, we need lots.


We purchased a few decorations from a company online. But the rest we will make ourselves. The items I purchased are: Blue and White streamers, blue and white balloons, a couple spiral things that hang from the ceiling, a “Happy Birthday” banner, a tablecloth, and of course cups, plates, napkins. We also added in several posters of Frozen scenes to our walls.


One of the items that we are going to make is large white snowflakes. We are planning on hanging them from the ceiling.


Materials required:








Start with your paper; it needs to be the same size, example 10” by 10” or 5” by 5”. The size you chose is up to you. I usually do 8 by 8.

Fold the paper in half diagonally, then fold in half diagonally again.

Next divide the now triangle, into 5 sections. Then cut these sections, don’t cut all the way to the end.

Open up the piece you have cut. Now you need to take the cut slits and staple them. To do this, you take the most middle part of the star and staple it. Then take the next part and staple it on the opposite side.

Do this until all 5 sections are stapled.

You will need to make 6 more of these.

Once all six are made you need to put them together. I start with 3, staple the end of them together. Do this for each set of 3.

The next part is to staple them together along the middle part. That sounds confusing; hopefully the pictures will help to clarify.

That is it. Those are our “Frozen” snowflakes.


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