DIY Kitchen Island Redo


I have a dream of having butcher block countertops in our kitchen, but I also have a dream of not paying a fortune for them. Big dreamer, eh?!?

A couple years ago my husband and I turned an old table saw into a kitchen island. I should clarify and say that it was an old wooden saw table that had belonged to his grandfather. The original post is here on how we turned the table saw into a kitchen island.

When we made the table saw into the island we used peel and stick tiles as the counter top. Needless to say after a couple years it needs to be replaced. An opportunity has presented itself!

We are going to test out a DIY butcher block countertop. YaY! My amazing husband is making us one to test out. We are going to try it out for a few months and if it works, we will replace all our counters with it.

We went to the hardware store and purchased 2 laminate pine wood boards in the size we needed to make the new top. He then glued together the two pieces and used these things to hold them together. After a few days, he took the things off and has started to sand and fill holes. That is where we are currently with our new countertop.

The next step is to put the finish on and sand. We need to repeat this step several times. It will take a couple weeks. Can’t wait to show off the finished product!

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