DIY Baking Mix



Recently we have had a crazy series of snow storms. One. Right. After. Another. So much snow and the children have been home from school a lot.

On a storm day a couple weeks ago, my girls and I decided we would bake the day away. Which was a good thought…. When we started to get ready we realized we had no butter, which is a key ingredient to most of our recipes. That sucked! So we decided to make up some dry mixes of what we wanted to bake, that way when we got our butter we would have the recipes ready to go. We made up mixes for donuts, cookies, rolls, and brown bread. The idea is that when we decide to make these items we just have to pour the dry ingredients into the kitchen aid mixer and add in the wet ingredients.

I think it is great plan, that’s basically what a cake mix or cookie mix is that you would buy at a store. Expect that ours don’t have a whole lot of extra chemicals in them and we won’t be able to leave them sitting on a shelf for months.

Love finding ways to make my life a little bit easier!

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