A “Candy” Note for a Husband



I got creative the other day and made my husband a sweet poster (haha sweet, that’s punny). Now it wasn’t meant for Valentine’s Day, he says it was. I gave it to him on February 13, I am anti-Valentine’s day. Not my favorite day of the year, I think it is a foolish day. Over commercialized waste of money day!

Anyway I wanted to make him this poster, just because I love him. I had seen some girls that I know talking about these, so I thought I’d give it a go. So this is what I came up with.

Hey Hot Lips,

Thank you for putting a ring on it, I love you to bits and pieces.

Sometimes you are a nerd and you think you are a smartie,

I question if you are from Mars. We don’t have lots of money,

we have fun and thrills.

I love our little runts and the way you make me sicker.

I’d have to say I skor’d. See ya after eight for lots of kisses.

Okay, so it is super cheesey. But I thought it was kind of cute and perfect for my smartie of a husband. He liked it a lot. He did question though if I came up with the words and candy myself or if I had copied it from someone. I guess he found it hard to believe that I was able to come up with that and make it work.

But I did!

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