Week 9 of 52- #NeatFreak15


Welcome to week 9 of Neat Freak for ‘15.

How did week 8 go?

I listed more items on the local buy/sell sites; I have sold a few items. Yay! I haven’t gotten our living room back together yet, our pictures are still sitting on the floor. I didn’t post any blog posts this week either, I didn’t do well with these goals at all this week.

My mini goals for this week are:

  1. Get our living room back together
  2. Setting up a child craft area downstairs
  3. Clean childrens rooms
  4. Still working on the water
  5. Write a minimum of three blog posts, promote one of these.

I will work hard this week to get those pictures back up on the walls. Our children have a craft spot in the oldest childs bedroom, she would like the stuff out of her room. So we are going to move it all downstairs and create a new spot for them to create. I also want to do an overhaul of their bedrooms and pack up some clothes and toys that they aren’t currently using.

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