The Christmas gift that gives all year long- January


For Christmas this past year we decided to do something different for our children. We sometimes think that there is way too much focus on stuff and it just seems to accumulate, and let’s face it most of it never gets used. We want to give our children experiences, not much stuff. So for Christmas we decided to make them an Activity calendar as a gift. You can learn more about the activity calendar in the original post here

The activity for the month of January was to take the girls to “The Clayground.” We are a little late on Januarys activity, life happens. What can you do?!? Anyways, “The clayground” is a place where you paint your own pottery, rather it is where you paint the pottery they have that you buy from them. It was great fun, it was the first time we had ever been there. We each choose something to paint, I did a mug and the girls did a monkey, owl, and fox. Daddy helped with the fox, he eventually did it on his own. Baby needed to leave because she was tired and cranky. We pick them up in a week, after they have been fired. Yay, can’t wait to see the finished product.

The girls have asked if we can go back again sometime, I think it would be fun too. The husband and I are thinking it may also make a great date day adventure for just him and I. I can’t wait to post the pictures when they get back.

Our next adventure for February has been opened and planned. Can’t wait! Will share in March!!


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