Mitten Clip DIY




There has been a big craze in my area this year over mitten clips. I have heard so many people complaining that mittens are getting lost and disappearing all over the place. Mittens used to be on a string, it was an annoying string that always rubbed your back wrong when you moved, used to drive me crazy. But I always knew where my mittens were and as long as hung up my coat, I never had to remember to hang my mittens up to dry.

It seems this year more than most; maybe because our middlest daughter is in grade primary, I have heard many mitten stories. Or maybe it is because we all of a sudden got tons and tons of snow. I found a solution for us, and then soon found it to be happening everywhere.

I was at a craft show (one of my favorite places) when I stumbled upon what were to be known as mitten clips. Brilliant idea! These mitten clips are just 2 suspender clips with a piece of ribbon in between. You use a 1 inch wide piece of ribbon and sew a clip to each end. Easy as pie! I made some for my girls, I used reflective ribbon for them. The reflective ribbon helps them on the way to school in the mornings to be seen better.

We are loving our mitten clips, they have saved us several pairs of mittens. Our oldest daughter likes them because she can take them off and then doesn’t have to remember where she put them. I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉

Here’s how to do it:

Get a piece of ribbon that is about 1 inch wide. You will need a couple of inchs depending on how long you want them to be. You will also need 4 suspender clips. Then just put the ribbon in through the spot in the suspender clip and sew it. Do this to each of the four ends of the ribbon. And you are done! Easy as pie!


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