Wood Slices


Just before this past Christmas I had some crazy idea that I would make Ornaments out of wood slices. We had some wood lying around, I can’t remember why there was so much wood lying around but there was.


Anyhow, my husband set out slicing me these ½ inch thick wood slices with his chop saw. I would let them dry and then I would stamp them or image transfer them. My favorite was the birch tree ornaments. It dried so nicely and stayed together. We had another type of wood and as it dried the bark would fall off. After making so many ornaments, or maybe it was while I was still making them, I got bored and wanted to make other things with these wood slices. I made a wreath and a “Merry Christmas” sign, then with the pieces that my husband couldn’t make smaller we made them into candle holders. We had a wonderful wood slice theme going on.


They are pretty, I think. I sold some at crafts shows, people like the looks of them. Kinda country and natural!

If you have some tree branches lying around you could turn them into something really cute. Oh and its cheaper than going to the craft store and buying the “wood slices” there. They were like $6.00 each, pretty crazy for something that I have piles of lying around my yard.

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