Bubble Guppies Birthday



This past week our littlest girl turned 2. Crazy to think our baby is 2. To celebrate her Birthday we gave her a party that included her favorite friends and as she calls them the “Buppies”. Now I call them the Bubble Guppies and I happen to think that these little creatures are stinking cute and the show itself is amusing. So we purchased lots of Bubble Guppies decorations, streamers, balloons, birthday banner, swirly things that hang on the ceiling, and much more. One thing that I wanted for her for her birthday party was a special little outfit just for her. I couldn’t find what I wanted; again it was customized, so I made it myself.

What I wanted for her was a shirt with the picture of the bubble guppies on it that said “Happy 2nd Birthday Karleigh”. I also wanted a matching skirt or “tutu”.


To create the shirt, I purchased some iron on transfers from the craft store. Then I found an image that I wanted to use and loaded it up to picmonkey.com. At that point I had to flip the image, very important step. I didn’t the first time and yeah, it didn’t end well. Once the image is flipped you can write on it what you want using the text function. Also remember that the text needs to be flipped or it will iron on to the shirt wrong. The next thing to do is to print your image onto the iron on transfer. From there follow the instructions that came with your iron on transfers to create a great shirt.

I also made a tulle tutu to match the shirt. I made it in the three colors that I used for the “Buppie” party. I have previous written a post about making this skirts, you can find it here.  The one in that post is a Canada Day skirt, for the Bubble guppies one I used blue, green, and orange tulle. As well as 1 inch wide “Bubble Guppies” ribbon to go over the elastic.

Our daughter loved, loved, loved her Bubble guppies birthday outfit.

Now we are off to plan a Frozen party in March…

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