Bucket List 2015



As part of our New Year’s countdown, the girlies and I made a Bucket List for 2015. Daddy was at work but we asked him to add more when he got home.

We had a fun time creating a bucket list, after of course the girls learned what a bucket list is. Now we had to keep our bucket list realistic because there will be no visiting Mickey and Minnie in 2015 and I am afraid that a visit to Elsa’s ice castle is out of the question.

Once we got the sillies out of the way, it became a great project to complete together. We have got some really good ideas to do together. Thankfully some of what they want to do, the husband and I already had planned.

What is on our bucket list…

*Visit the art gallery

* Go to the beach and make sandcastles

* Hike at Cape Split

* Make a summer memory box

* Go to a restaurant for breakfast

* Make Olaf crafts

*Go rock climbing

*Go tree climbing like a monkey

*Sleep under the stars (Not real sure how I feel about sleeping under the stars!?!)

We have it posted in our Rec room so we can see it when we need an idea.

The girls and I came up with lots of great ideas and some silly ones too. Looks like 2015 will be a year of fun….


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