The “Health” Plan

One of my goals this week is to create a meal plan and follow that meal plan. I have started to work on this earlier in the week, to me this means different things. It isn’t just about money and food waste any longer, it is about my health. I am tired of feeling awful, I am always sick and always tired. I have started this “health process” by visiting the doctor, have had various tests done, and have gotten back results. Now I need to start eating better and getting active. It is a process for sure and I don’t really want my blog to be about weight loss but I would like to share as I work towards a healthier lifestyle.

This plays into my plan this week to create a meal plan and stick to I. I have created a meal plan and have stuck to it so far but it has only been a few days. I want to say fingers crossed that I stick to it but that is not the case. I will stick it, that is why I set the goal.


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