New Years Countdown


On New Year’s Eve day, I did a countdown to the New Year with my little girlies. We had a blast, all day long we counted down what a way to end the year. The girls didn’t make it to the midnight mark though; they were asleep by 11:30. But hey for children who are in bed by 8:30 they did pretty good.

What was our New Year’s countdown? It was kind of a last minute decision on my part, as in while they were still asleep at 6am, I was setting it up. Part of the problem, I PROCRASTINATE and hadn’t felt good the night before. So yeah, you can see how that goes. What I had planned was a serious of activities to get us through the last day of 2014. Because I was pressed for time, I just wrote them down on lined paper and ripped them apart. I then put each piece of a paper into a balloon and blew up the balloon. On each balloon I wrote down what time it was to be popped, so that we could get the paper out. I hung the balloons up on the curtain rod in our living room; I should hang curtains there but whatever. Anyway as our day went on we popped those balloons and did what the paper said.

Now I should win Mom of the Year for this. Why? Because I HATE balloons, can’t stand them, the sound of them popping drives me, can’t stand blowing them up, can’t stand seeing other people blowing them up. My girls know this and every time it was time to pop a balloon, they would try to make it as quiet as possible or they would ask me a dozen times if I was sure.

The activities we did were simple, mostly stuff we would have done anyway but it was much cooler popping a balloon to see what we were going to do. We learned to arm knit, we read stories, we watched a movie, we ate pizza, played with sparklers, and made a bucket list. We had a blast!

I am planning to do it again at the end of 2015, but I will prepare a bit better for it. I could start planning now but nah, I’ve got lots of time.



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