Week 3 of 52- #NeatFreak15


Week 3 of 52- January 19 to January 25

Welcome to week 2 of Neat Freak for ‘15.

How did week 2 go?

I didn’t achieve my goals this week at all. It has been crazy busy. I am even posting this post late. Our finances are in order and budget is mostly created. I only got one blog post done last week. Here is to good things for the rest of this week.

My mini goals for this week are:

  1. Meal Prep time
  2. Meal Planning time
  3. Still working on the water
  4. Write a minimum of three blog posts, promote one of these.

Meals and Food is something our house has been trying to work on for a long time and it is time to conquer it. We have too much food waste, spend too much time trying to decide what to eat when we are starving, spend too much money and time going out to purchase food, and yeah, IT IS TIME!

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