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Did the title of this article catch your eye? It caught mine too when I read about it in the local newspaper. Read on below to find out more.

For Christmas of 2014, we tried to find other ways to give to our children. We wanted to give them experiences rather than stuff, my original blog post is here “A Christmas Issue: Stuff VS Experience”.

While on my hunt for experiences for our girls I came across and article in the local newspaper about “Adopting a tree”. The title “Adopt a tree” caught my attention, I mean it sounds interesting. So I had to check it out. What I discovered is that a local farmer was offering to allow people to “adopt an apple tree” for $50.00. Meaning that during harvest season you can go to your adopted tree and pick all the apples it will give you. Love it! They will also put a small sign in front of our little apple tree, so we know which one is ours.

So we adopted an apple tree. Our adopted tree came with an “adoption certificate” of sorts, so we gave this certificate to our girls for Christmas. They were ecstatic. Our oldest thought that it was the coolest gift. Overall, they said it was the best present for the year.

Now my husband has big plans for our “adopted Apple Tree”, he thinks we should visit it at various times throughout its growth. He wants to see it blossom and watch the apples as they get bigger. It will be a great learning experience for our girls. They are excited about picking all the apples in the fall.

Our biggest decision is which tree to choose, we have three options of apple varieties. It will be hard, we love them all.

I will share pictures with you of our “adopted tree”, as the growing season progresses. We won’t start that until the spring because right now its winter and it is cold. I can’t see me out there in any apple orchard.

If you are local to my area, it is worth looking into if you love apples and are interested in an apple picking adventure with your family or yourself, if you so chose. I have included the link below to check out this great experience.

Johnsons Stonehenge Farm.


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  • Hi. Glad to see that you are glad you adopted a tree. My daughter runs the farm now, and we have been adopting the trees for 20+ years. I know you will enjoy just visiting the orchard. Blossom time is beautiful. Enjoy.

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