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window done

window doneFor Christmas I made gifts for my friends and family and I have wanted so badly to post about an item I made for my bestie. I have been waiting very patiently for Christmas to be over so I could and now I can.

My bestie and I went out shopping one day and she spotted this beautiful wall decoration that she wanted to have. It was one of those older style wooden windows that was made to look old and then had deigns behind each of the glass. As far as we were concerned it was way overpriced. However I decided that day that I would make her one and I did just that.

Now I don’t want to sound cheap (I know she will read this but she also knows I love her and it is the thought not the cost), anyhow this project cost me under $15.00 to make. I went to my favorite little second hand shop to purchase the window, which I was able to get for $8.00. The other supplies that I needed where white paint, sand paper, scrapbook paper, scissors, tape, Bristol board, and hooks.

To start I took the glass out of the window, then I spray painted the frame white. If the glass doesn’t come out of the window you purchase you can always cover up the glass with plastic and painters tape. Once the paint was dry, I added another coat of the white spray paint. When it was almost dry but not completely dry, I sanded the frame. Paying close attention to the edges, to me that helps to make it look old or antiqued.

Once it was completely dry it was time to add in the scrapbook paper. This window that I chose had one large pane of glass and the frame itself had 6 squares. I measured the size of the squares from about the centre of each “edge” to figure out how big to cut the paper. I chose 6 different patterns of paper and cut them to size. Because there was no back on the window and I had 6 different pieces of paper, I chose to use a piece of Bristol board as the back to hold it all together. I cut the Bristol board the same size as the glass. Then I taped each piece of paper to the Bristol board being careful not to let any of the tape show through the glass. Then I placed the Bristol board on the glass and locked the glass and Bristol board into place.

window 1

Window creation process. The picture in the bottom right is the beginning of the paint process, the bottom left is showing after the paper was put in, and thee top in just before we added the hooks


I wanted to add hooks to this because the one we seen had hooks on it. I am fortunate enough to have a father in law who saves everything and he had three hooks that I was able to use on the window. I had my husband measure, drill, and put the hooks on the window. They are space very evenly on the bottom of the frame.

It looks very nice and I am very pleased with it. I would like to make one for myself sometime.



  • This was a beautiful gift and I LOVE it!! It also came with three handmade silky infinity scarves. I love all the creative inspirations you come up with <3

  • I love this. I bought two old windows to decorate and spent $40 on each of them so I’m really bummed right about now that you got such a bargain. I want to buy another one to make something like this but I won’t give that much next time. I’ll try to bargain them down.

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