Planner Problems?!?


plaI have been trying to find the perfect for me, home management binder/planner printables. After lots and lots of searching, I can’t seem to find anything that I love or am interested in using. It is crazy how many different planners there are to choose from and how many combinations of papers can be put into one.

I would like a spot to put all of our important information in or as much of it as possible. It would be very handy to have all information together in one place, if something ever happened to myself or my husband, all of our information would be in one place for whoever needed it.

It seems like a great idea that has become frustrating for me because I can’t find just what I want.

The sheets that I am wanting to include are include in a planner/ home management binder are:

  1. Contacts
  2. Password Log
  3. Bank Info
  4. Monthly Budget
  5. Tracker for Credit cards/loans
  6. Place to track expenses/spending
  7. Monthly Calendar
  8. Daily to do list
  9. House Chore chart
  10. Menu and Shopping list
  11. Master to do list
  12. Emergency information
  13. Medical Expenses
  14. Bills to pay
  15. Bill Payment Checklist
  16. Party Planner
  17. Childrens Activity Tracker
  18. Dates to remember
  19. Blog information/ posts
  20. Blog Stats
  21. Blog thoughts/plans

I don’t know if I need all these sheets or if I should just set something else up. Maybe a home management station, I have seen those on pinterest. Or maybe, just maybe I should just stay disorganized, it seems like there is a terrible amount of work to becoming organized. I find sometimes trying to be more organized is making me more disorganized. We are trying to get organized this year and don’t know where to start or how to do it.

I love planners, paper, pens, calculators, math and pretty things. I would love to find the perfect planner. Does anyone have one they use and recommend? Or how do you keep yourself organized?

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