A Christmas Issue: Stuff VS Experience



Stuff/Toys VS Experiences! Each year at Christmas time, my husband and I struggle with this. Every. Single. Year! What should we buy our children for Christmas. We spend so much time thinking about what to get for them and each year we come up with the same conclusion. Nothing! We can’t think of anything they need, or want. Nothing! Not a single thing. In the last 2 years we have begun taking a new approach to our life, we are trying to give our children less stuff and more experiences. (That is how our blog began)

We always think back to when our youngest was a baby and it makes us ill to look at the pictures. ALL THE STUFF!! We have changed a lot over the years and now our 3 children, don’t receive as much as our 1 child did 10 years ago. No Joke! But we did what we did, we have learned and grown.

In the past couple of years, we have asked Grandparents to stop buying or spend less on buying toys and gifts. We have asked them, instead to give the girls the money they would spend to put towards their sports and activities. This has worked out great, yearlong activities cost a lot and our girls don’t need any more toys/stuff.

This year we are going to take our plan one step further. This year we are putting together “12 Months of Experiences” for our girls. We sat down one evening to have a casual conversation with our girls about different things they may like to do, and wrote down what they said. Now obviously some things we just can’t do right now, like go to Disney, or watch a Boston Red Sox game, or my favorite, meet Elsa. But there were other things we can do that they were interested in, such as camping, amusement parks, and horseback riding.


To create our “12 Months of Experiences”, we made 12 certificates and printed each one with the activity for that month. We will put each one in an envelope with the month put on the envelope. We also decided that a couple of the envelopes will have a little something with them. An example for one month we will visit the “Discovery Centre”, a science based adventure. I found a DIY science kit that I will make to with this envelope. We are only doing this with a couple of envelopes.

We are very excited to share this with our children and hope they enjoy the experiences. As we go through the year next year and completed each activity I will be blogging about it under the title “12 Months of Experience”




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