Butterfly Feet Print


20141212_111036[1].jpgI love to make crafts that involve my children’s feet and hands. I have so many different “works of art” that involve little hands and feet.

One of my favorite “works of art” hangs in my kitchen. They are what I call “Butterfly feet Art”.

To create your own butterfly feet art, you will need a canvas, washable paint, and a sharpie marker.

To make my butterfly feet art I used two different colors of paint for each set. I made two different Butterfly feet art, one for each child. You know that’s not totally true, we made 6 sets. We made a set of each child for each grandparent.

I painted one foot at a time, using the two colors that I wanted. When I placed the painted feet on the canvas, I put the right foot on the left side and the left foot on the right side. You also want to make sure that the feet are close together but not touching, so that you can draw in the butterfly body. Once the paint has dried you can draw in your body and antenna. And you are done.

I have also made a garden of feet flowers. Same idea as the butterfly feet art, but I made the feet into flowers instead of butterflies.

These are two very simple ideas to do with your children. My children always love to create. It is such a blast to see what they come up with.





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