Crayon Art

Crayon Art. I am mildly obsessed with it. I have looked at so many different ways to make the crayon art, some of the ideas that others have come up with are amazing.

My children and I have created some of our own crayon art. I am going to share with you the one I made that hangs nicely in my kitchen, next to my children’s other art creations.

My crayon art is a garden of flowers. I purchased a large canvas; I believe it is 11 inchs by 14 inchs. I also purchased several 64 count boxes of crayons. To create mine, I used only green and brown crayons, so you can imagine how many boxes of crayons I used. To start I lined up my crayons on the bottom of the canvas the way I wanted them, then I hot glued each one to the canvas. I burnt my fingers more than once, use caution. Once I had all my crayons glued on the way I wanted them, I brought out the hair dryer. I held the canvas upside down, so that as the crayons heated up the melted wax would run down. It takes a while for the wax to start to melt but once it starts, it goes quickly. I wanted the wax to run down to look like stems for flowers. Once the crayons were melted the way I wanted them, I laid it down and allowed it to cool and harden. After the crayon was cool and hard, I attached some plastic flowers to what would be the “stems”, also known as the place where the wax ran down. That is my Garden crayon art, looks good.

I also tried to do one that I saw and loved, but I failed at it. It used blue crayons to look like rain and there was a silhouette of a couple holding an umbrella. Mine didn’t quite turn out that way, what an awful mess I created.

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