DIY Ornaments


20141027_200448One thing I have started doing is making my own Christmas tree ornaments. We no longer use store bought ornaments on our tree, each and every ornament is homemade.

Below I have shared some of my favorite homemade ornaments

20141027_200120Glitter Ornaments How to:

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic ornament balls
  • Fine glitter
  • Floor cleaner ( I used vim floor cleaner)
  • Plastic cup



  • Take the top of the ornament.
  • Put some of the floor cleaner in the ball ornament. DO NOT SHAKE the ornament; instead just turn the ball around and around until it is evenly coated with the cleaner.
  • Turn the ball upside down and sit it on the cup. This will allow all the extra cleaner to run out.
  • After a little while, I waited about 20 minutes, dump the glitter into the ornament. Again don’t shake it, turn it around and around until the glitter coats the ornament.
  • Put the cover back on. Hang on tree!


Picture Ornament

We always give the grandparents an ornament with pictures of our kids in it. They love them. I use a plastic ball ornament. To make a picture ornament I chose a picture that I like and print it off. I trace the outside of the ornament to get an idea of the size that the picture needs to be. Then I cut the picture to that size. To get the picture into the ornament I roll it up and push it in the top of the ornament. Once in the ornament, I use a pencil to straighten out the picture. I have on occasion added extras to the ornament, such as fake snow.


20141027_200158Sports Ornament

To make my sports ornament, I make a picture ornament. But I add some sports beads to the ball. They are super cute.

20141027_195741Crayon Ornaments

Another ornament that I make is made with Crayon and plastic ornaments. I shred the crayons as fine as my grater will do it. Then dump the shavings into the ornament. Once the shavings are in the ornament, take a hair dryer and hold it next to the ornament. This will melt the crayon on the inside. Word of Caution, use an oven mitt, it gets hot.

20141027_195904Paint Ornament

To make this ornament I chose paint colors that I liked, chose as many colors as you like. Then I poured a little bit of each paint color into the ornament. Then I put the cover back on and turned the ornament around, until the whole thing was painted.


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