Cupcake Kit- DIY


20141117_093828I have been working hard to make my Christmas gifts this year, I have so many ideas and not much time to complete them. One of the items that I am making is cupcake kits. I thought cupcake kits would make a great and practical gift for our girls and niece/nephew. They all love to bake, my sister and I are huge fans of baking our goods rather than buying them. Money Saving!! And a bit better for you.

Each kit that I made contains:

  • Approximately 100 cupcake liners
  • Two containers of sprinkles
  • 2 homemade cupcake mixes (one Vanilla and one chocolate)
  • A tube of icing (just for fun, we much prefer our own)
  • A cupcake container (to hold all the cupcakes we make)


I am in love with this idea. I may have gone slightly overboard on the cupcake liners but I kept seeing so many cute designs that I couldn’t resist. I made each cupcake kit for under $20.00. They probably could have been even cheaper if I didn’t have the need to buy so many cupcake liners.

I can’t wait to see how excited they are to get these. They love baking so much and this is such an awesome gift for them.




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