Christmas Countdown. Part 2.


Untitled1I have been working on Christmas prep at our house. I make as many of the Christmas gifts as I can, which can get a little time consuming. But I love to create. This year I have also been participating in craft shows, which takes loads of time and energy.
One thing I have been working on is creating a Christmas countdown calendar for my niece and nephew, and one for my children. I started making this calendar two years ago and the children loved it, I am so excited for it again this year.

To learn about my Christmas Countdown calendar, you can check out my first blog post.

One of the parts of creating the calendar is to write out a card for each day with an activity/gift on it that we will do that day. For some of the days I have purchased craft kits, for others there are books, and I have also created a couple gifts from a jar.


As I write the cards, I wrap the corresponding gift if there is one. It is a lot easier that way. I have all my gifts wrapped for each calendar that I am making. Yay! The next step is put the numbers on the outside of the envelopes and then hang them up. I like to use fancy numbers on the cards, just because I can. Something to remember is that the cards start at 25 and work down to 1 because it is a countdown.

I hang my cards with clothes and ribbon. I use a nice wide Christmas ribbon and tack it to the wall. Then I hang each card with a clothespin, super simple.

After the cards are hung, we wait and each day one card will be opened and one activity will be done. The girls take turns opening the cards. So much fun…..

I will post pictures of some of our activities as they happen.


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