Pallet Garden Edge


1400426797900My husband and I have been watching various posts on other blogs about pallets and all the very cool things that you can make and do with them. We came up with a very neat idea of our own and it looks great. We used our pallets as garden edging.

We have a large garden in the front of our house. The garden is between the doorstep and the walkway that leads to our front door. We love the look of stone garden edging but can’t afford the cost that comes along with it. So we had some pallets and decided to make an edging with them.

To make the edging we cut the pallets in half, so we got to edge pieces out of each pallet. Before cutting them in half we had to remove the boards on the bottom of the pallet. Then we cut the pallet in half. When we cut the pallet in half, we made sure that the piece that would be sticking out of the ground had no extra wood on the top. Meaning the slats that go from side to side, the top one was cut flush with the two pieces on the back that hold it together. While we made the top part flush, we left a few inchs on the bottom so that we could stick them in the ground.

After they were all cut we stuck them into the ground the way we wanted them to look. Once they were all placed in the ground, we( by we, I mean the husband) nailed them together and then to the front door step, so that they didn’t fall over. Once we had it done, my husband had the idea to put solar lights on the “fence”. It looks really good!

Our garden looks great, it really completes the front landscape. Next year we will try to do something to our walkway. We haven’t decided what we want to do with it yet.