Busy Board



My husband and I made our daughter a busy board. For anyone that does not know what they are, it is a board with various sensory, hand-Eye coordination activities, and fine motor skills on it. I have seen them with lots of different things on them, such as chain locks, combinations locks, key locks, door knobs, light switches, shoe laces, push lights, Velcro, zippers, buttons, different types of fabric, and sandpaper. There are so many different things you can put on a busy board. To make a busy board you need a piece of wood, any size that you choose and the items that you have chosen to put on it. You can get a lot of items at the Dollar store but if not then the hardware store. For the board we made we went to our basement and shed and found as many things that we already had that we could use. Money Saving measures! We have an old tool box that was my husband grandfathers, and like my husband, he seemed to keep everything, so we found tons of little buried treasures that we could use. Once you have all the items that you want to use, you need to securely attach them to the board.

I made a few of these to sell because a lot of people seemed to want them. I took them to several craft fairs; I did hear some negative feedback about them. My suggestion is this, if you choose to make one, sit with your child while they play with. Like with most of the toys on the market today, adult supervision is required or may required. A lot of people asked how safe is that toy, my reply is “It can be as safe as you chose it to be!”

We have a blast with ours, we made our girls 3 different variations of boards. They love it!



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