The SuperHero with no Cape- Daddy


I was looking through the pictures I have that will go with certain posts when I write them and I found a set of pictures that has inspired this post.

The Daddy in our house is a pretty special guy. He is a hardworking, fun loving man. He seems to attract people to himself and many people appear to like him. We can’t go anywhere without a dozen people who know him and want to stop and have a chat. It must be that personality of his, he is quick witted and one never knows just what he may say. He has that sense of humor that everyone groans at but they can’t help but laughing. I chose to roll my eyes at him but I have noticed that as the years go by, my sense of humor has become more like his. I’m not real sure about that. But anyway, back to the point. Daddy is special in our house, there is no one quite like the Daddy. He loves to have his Daddy Daughter days when Mommy is away. He is greeted at the end of each work day with squeals and open arms, he ends each day with a rocking baby. One day in particular, our middle daughter decided that we would have a Daddy day. There would be cake, decorations, and presents. While Daddy was at work we went into town and got party decorations, then came home to make a cake and set up. When Daddy came home from work he was really surprised to find a Daddy Day party. He loved the cake, meal, and presents.


I am proud that our daughter thought to do this to show her love and appreciation for her Father. She planned it all out by herself. Amazing, It makes my heart melt! We must be doing something right.


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