Purge 4 Profit- October


I am slowing losing steam…. Getting tired of posting, arranging, and meeting people to buy/sell items.

For our Purge 4 profit in October, we sold a few items from our house. I will say though that I have donated more this month then I have sold. The amount I sold this month was $94.50, most of that was due to a consignment store. Not too bad, for the amount of effort that I put in. I am still really hoping that we can reach our goal of $1500.00, for the end of December. I will keep working at it

During the month of October we made $94.50 to add to our previous total of $1101.75. Our new total is $1196.25. Yay!!

We are headed into November and I have nothing in mind to put up for sale. We will see how this month goes. We will check back in at the beginning of December. The year is almost over. Happy Selling!

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