T-Shirt Resize


My mother bought herself a shirt to wear, a Mickey Mouse one because she loves Mickey Mouse. Then she washed it and I’m not sure how it happened, but it happened. She shrunk the shirt to the point that she would never be able to wear it. Crazy, right?!? Anyhow she passed it on to our daughter who happens to also share the love of Mickey Mouse. However the shirt was too long and the neck was way too wide. It kept falling down off her shoulders, which just drives her crazy. After looking at her with it on for a little bit, I had an idea.

I decided that I would make the neck hole smaller and a little fancier, with the option of making the neck hole bigger again if she wore it that long. Also, she would wear this shirt as a night gown rather than a shirt.


To make the neck hole smaller, I grabbed some thread, a needle, and the scissors and got to work. The shirt is a v- neck, I put my thread in at the shoulder seam and using large stitches I went down along the seam in the neck. There is a seam in the neck about an inch from the edge of the shirt; I’m not sure how to describe it. I have pictures posted, so you can see what I mean. I went back up the seam on the other side to the shoulder seam. Make sure the stitches are about the same size. Once at the other shoulder, I pulled the thread tight enough so the shirt wouldn’t fall of her shoulders. Once the thread was tight like I wanted, I finished it up and tied the thread. It made a cute little ruffle at the neck of the shirt. As she gets bigger, if she is still wearing this shirt, we can pull the thread it to make it back to its normal size. Well normal after my Mother shrunk it. Ha ha ha!

If you have a shirt with a neck too large but you want to wear it, this works.



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