Carrot Cake Muffins


20140924_131545One week I had a lot of carrots, it seemed like everyone was giving us carrots. Seems weird, right?!? We ended up with 3 giant bags of carrots. What does one do with so many carrots? Why you make carrot cake, of course!

I searched a lot for a recipe to use, a lot of the recipes I found had nuts in it, or raisins, or pineapple. I wanted one with no pineapple, no raisins, and no nuts. We are nutty enough as it is. I wanted them to be toddler friendly.

I came across a recipe at that was just what I was looking for. I made them and they were so good. I didn’t make mine into a cake though; I made it into mini muffins. I wanted to put cream cheese frosting on them but I didn’t. I discovered that our toddler would eat the carrot mini muffins, which is awesome because we can’t get her to eat much of anything. So I didn’t want to ruin it with the cream cheese frosting. I am going to make them again sometime, hopefully with the cream cheese. Maybe I should make it into a cake, so I don’t ruin the carrot mini muffin.

If you get a chance give them a try. They are wonderful!


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