Christmas Planning

christmas plannin

christmas plannin

Here it is almost the end of October and it is time to start getting ready for Christmas. There is a lot of planning involved in Christmas at our house. I have talked before in previous posts of how we like to make family gifts each year. This year we are going to take our Christmas holiday in another direction, we are still making as many homemade items as we can but if we can’t make them we are trying find people in our local area who can. We always love shopping craft fair and farmers markets, there are a lot of people out there who are very crafty and make great items.

Some of the items we are hoping to make are:

  1. Toddler sized kitchen items. Such as Oven mitts, apron, dish cloths, dish towels.
  2. Grandmother necklace
  3. Picture Tree ornaments
  4. No tie fleece blanket
  5. Blanket
  6. Eye Glass holder
  7. Utensil holder for lunch box
  8. Hair Accessories

These are some of the items that we will be making, I see several late nights in the near future for me. Please check back for my how to once the items are completed.

Something else that my husband and I have decided on this year is that we will limit the amount of “stuff”. For the most part stuff is limited, over the years we have changed our way of thinking. Christmas now looks a lot different in our home then it did 8 years ago. We would like our children to have experiences; this is something that has become important to us. We already have an arrangement with our children’s grandparents that works well for us. The grandparents buy each child a small gift and then the rest of the money that they would spend goes into the children’s bank accounts to pay for all the sports and activities that they want to do throughout the year. This has worked well for us. This year we have decided that Santa will do the same. We are going to plan an activity for each month that the girls will get to do. Some of our ideas are horseback riding, indoor rock climbing, Zoo, Theme parks, sporting events, and Archery. Our plan is to have a little decorated box for each month that will have the gift certificate in it. So for the Zoo we will put in the gift certificate and some little Zoo animals. We are sooo pumped for this; we think they will love it. Best part of it is the family time and memories that we will be creating. LOVE IT!!!!!



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