Candle Holder



I am preparing for a craft show in a couple of weeks, and today I got super crafty and creative. At one point I heard my daughter say “Look out Moms head is going to explode!!” I thought that was funny, I never expected her to say that.

Back to the point of the post, I had a vision of something I wanted to make and once I got started on it, the vision got larger. I took a trip to a second hand store in our area, called RE used resale, to see what kind of treasures I could find. I also had specific items in mind that I was looking for, Wine glasses and Christmas ornaments.

I found my wine glasses and a few ornaments for a great price, and set out on my merry way. So here is my plan for these wine glasses, which doesn’t involve drinking wine at all, I am going to turn them into pretty Christmas décor. I am so excited about these.


The thought was to turn them upside down, which enables me to use the base as a candle holder, and then put different decoration items in the glass part. After turning the wine glasses upside down, I played with different ornament combinations to see which I liked best. I also added in the fake snow, glitter, and ribbons. After deciding how I wanted them to look, it occurred to me that everything I put in the glass part would fall out as soon as I picked them up off the table. I spent some time thinking about it and this is where I had that AHA! moment when my daughter thought my head was going to explode. I remember way back when I had these small mirrors that I used to have hanging on the wall, they were almost the same size as the wine glasses. Which was perfect! I used the hot glue gun to glue the glass to the mirror, it worked so well.


I am thinking of going back to the little second hand store to get more glasses. These would make great Christmas gifts. I wonder about maybe making some that could be used all year round or at different holidays. Maybe some Spring ones or Fall ones, the possibilities are endless.


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