Christmas Countdown Calendar



It is that time of the year when I start to think of Christmas. Being the creative person that I am I need time to create the gifts that I will give. I also need time to figure out what items the girlies will want.

For the past couple of years I have been making my children a Christmas countdown calendar. We used to buy the ones at the store that have chocolates in them but I wanted something a little more fun for them. Plus I somehow have a child that does not like chocolate, kinda strange!

This year I have decided to also create a Christmas Calendar for my niece and nephew; this will be their Christmas gift from us. I am really hoping that it is something they like and will enjoy.

The point of the Christmas Countdown calendar is to count down to Christmas, each day the child opens a small gift numbered with the number on it for that day. For the Christmas Countdown calendar, I do a variety of things, each day there is something different to do, have fun with, and enjoy. Some items for the calendar this year are various Christmas crafts, activities such as play dough, baking, visiting family, sledding, and building snowmen. Oh, and books, you can’t forget the books. This year I have decided that I will make gifts from the jar for the days we bake something or make playdough. It will be easier to do it this way, especially for my niece and nephew. For Christmas Eve, they will get a movie box that has a Christmas DVD, PJ’s, and treats in it, the makings of an awesome movie night.

I have shared some pictures of the items I have purchased for the Christmas Countdown calendar. As I buy the items I create a dated list of what I have for each day. I don’t want to have too much but I don’t want to have not enough, I have to keep track.




This blog post will be a 3 part series, it would be an enormous post if I put it all together.


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