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My husband and I have come to a point in our life when we are thinking of selling our starter home and moving on to our 2nd home, which would hope to be our forever home. We have been doing loads of research to learn about selling and buying. When we purchased our current home we weren’t very well informed and made a few mistakes. We were naïve, to say the least, and very excited to just be buying a home. This time we are taking our time.

Before we can buy our next home we have to sell our current home, which is a lot of work. I had no idea what the preparations of selling our current home would require. We have had someone come and to give us an assessment to find out what we need to do. It is not a long list nor is it an expensive list but it is a time consuming list. Of course after it is on the market we need to be prepared for open houses and showings. It feels so overwhelming at the moment.

While trying to prepare for the selling of our current house, we are looking for our next house. This is equally overwhelming. There are so many things that we need to think about, the major one being location. We live in Nova Scotia, beautiful place to live but in terms of opportunity for us and our children, there isn’t much. Do we leave and go somewhere else or do we just tough it out here? Who’s to say if we leave Nova Scotia we will be any better off?!? If we stay in Nova Scotia, do we stay in our current school district for our children? If we were just a married couple with no kids, this would be an easy decision.

Then there is the house itself. We have worked so hard at our current house to make it the way we wanted it. We have an emotional attachment to it; the thoughts of leaving it are so hard. It sounds crazy, an emotional attachment to a house but it has been our home. How do we choose the next house? We think we know what we want but we go looking for a house, we seem to think of other thing we want and don’t want. Frustrating!

We are looking for advice. For anyone has bought and sold a home, how do you deal with all the emotions? The stress? All of it!?! Words of encouragement are welcome J


  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I am still in my starter home. It’s a small house, but all of our memories are here and I just can’t bring myself to leave.

  • I had to smile at your post, because my hubby and I have been talking about leaving are starter home and buying a bigger house. I’m so stressed out over it though and to be honest so many memories were made here I’m not sure if I could leave it all behind.
    So I’m sorry no great advice from me :(, just know you are not alone in feeling emotional over leaving your starter home.

  • It’s really difficult moving especially to a new home. You adopt to a new environment again.

  • Selling or buying a home can be so much work! My husband and I have only just started looking for our starter home- we are in a condo currently!

  • We just did this over the summer. My husband got a promotion that we couldn’t pass up, but involved us moving 250 miles away. We thought we were going to live in our house forever- but our fate took us away. It was so emotional, we weren’t quite ready to leave. It broke my heart to see all the walls repainted and décor taken down, but I had to remind myself that it wasn’t MY house anymore- that it was a vessel for another family to make memories in. Its bittersweet, but you will love the adventure.

  • It is hard to detach yourself from the your home with all memories.. but eventually they go away.

  • Congratulations on getting to the upgrade phase! I like to think of the new family and all the memories they’ll make in it, and then to think of the new house and all that can be done to make it home…using the lessons learned from the old one. And take lots of pictures 🙂 Good luck!

  • No help for you, as I am still in my first house, too. I love all the work we have put into it to make it ours. However, I always think that change is good. Good luck to you!

  • Gabrielle Lynn O'Brien

    I’m going to be in the market for buying a home in a few years. Up to now I have been renting apartments, and I find it to be such a waste of money.

  • I’m still on my parent’s place that’s why I can’t relate aah 🙁

  • First of all, don’t think your second home is your forever home. Its just your second home. You will find that it will suit your needs in the next phase of life (growing children). As my children grow, I am thinking of my next home (the almost empty but not really retired home). We are in our third home right now. Don’t get caught up in the ‘forever home’ scenario just take it one phase at a time.

  • I can imagine the process would be overwhelming for families moving from their starter home. We live in our starter home and I love it. I am definitely not ready to leave.

  • I have lived in so many places with my children that it wasn’t hard on me being a single mom. We kept moving to find a place big enough to fit us all, but when I remarried, and finally I was so very happy I wanted a place to call his and mine. I waited until all the children were moved out or married, and we eloped and put my huge house up for sale, and bought a home built for two and our Baby (our black lab). You need to think that if you don’t want to move again is this the house you and hubby is going to live happily ever after? Children grow and move out so you need to think of that also.

  • I can totally relate. Sometimes, moving put a big emotional toll on us. Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

  • Over the summer we decided to put our house up for sale. This meant we had to a lot of organizing. We rented a storage unit and got to work. Our house sold but left us with a very fast closing date. The hunt for our new house was on. We did find a great place that was able to accommodate out closing date. It was very stressful but we did it and now we are all settled into our fabulous new home and could not be happier.

  • My house sold fast when I was leaving Florida. Or so I thought… we left the state after it was supposed to be a done deal, only to find a glitch. Then another. We caved on both, being out of state. When the third ‘glitch’ came in (owner short on money yet again), my husband said to just say no. I did and suddenly it all went through. Amazing. -_- <– sarcastic 'amazing' It all worked out in the end though.

    Good luck to you!! 🙂

  • I have lived mostly in the town I grow up in. My husband and I when we bought our home chose my home town because of the schools and the crime level was low back them. Thanks for sharing I think when you find your home you will not hesitate and you will know it is the right choose.

  • I wish I could offer some advice but I’m still in my starter home. But I love it. We’ve turned this house from a fixer to a place we could stay in for a long time. Good luck with selling your current home & purchasing your next! I completely understand how you could be attached to your first home.

  • We are currently saving for our starter home. May just end up being our retirement home.

  • My husband is in the military. We actually sold our first home a couple years after moving into it.

  • We have definitely had trouble with selling homes in the past. Good luck to you!

  • Oh yes, there are so many decisions involved in selling a home and moving. Now that my kids are starting school, I feel like it’s time to really find a great home in a great community, but it’s scary, because what if you can’t find anything?!

  • It was hard to leave each of my homes, especially the last one which I grew to love the most since I was there the longest. I’m not sure I’ll ever be over leaving that one, if I’m honest.

  • I can say nothing about this, I have no idea how hard it is when buying a home. I was lucky that my parents gave us a home to live in..

  • I separated with my husband and I really want to sell the house. He doesn’t because of the emotional attachment he has to it. Not to our relationship but to the house. It’s weird how much you can love a house. Even I miss the house, even though I don’t miss him or the relationship.

  • It’s not easy to buy a home or sell it. My dad is actually in the process of trying to sell his big estate as he has since moved to another state.

  • I’m in my starter home and hope to be here a few more years at least. You are smart by asking questions and doing the research. Best of luck with finding your new home.

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