Hot Air Balloon Festival




On the weekend after labour day our little family packed into our minivan and headed to Sussex NB to take part in the International Hot Air Balloon Festival. It is an event that is held annually and I remembered going when I was younger and thought our children would love to see all the different hot air balloons floating around.


After the few hour drive with three young children, we arrived in Sussex. We are fortunate enough to have family to stay and visit with while we were there. But we were not lucky enough to have good weather for the weekend, so the balloons didn’t go up in the air as much as they were supposed to. We watched some horse races and such while we were there. We went into the city of Saint John to do some shopping.


On our final day there some of the balloons decided to go up, even though the weather was less than ideal. What fun our girls had watching the balloons take off and float through the air. The balloons were landing in various spots, the weather didn’t cooperate for them to land where they were intended to land. We chased the balloons, trying to figure out where they were landing. Our daughter said we are the balloon chasers. We found were two balloons had landed, and we got to see them land, deflate, and all the stuff that they do.



It was a blast to go and see, too bad Mother Nature didn’t cooperate but we had fun none the less. I am going to share our pictures with you. The hot air balloon is remarkable I think. I would go in one just to see what it was like, but I wouldn’t want to go up to far in the air. I figure 10 to 15 feet off the ground would be high enough for me. Probably won’t be something that I will ever do but you never know.



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