Freezer Cooking or Lack of


I see tons of posts about freezer cooking and I have looked at well, tons of them. I check them out, analyze them, and plan on which ones I will make. Then I never make them. EVER! I love the idea of it but I have a hard time devoting 4 or more hours to prep meals. I just can’t do it, I just can’t.

I have been doing my own version of freezer cooking for years now, long before it was something that I seen blogged about all the time. My version of freezer cooking is easier for me, it suits me better. When I make a meal, I make lots, lots of extra to freeze. Like this evening for supper we had Spaghetti, so I made a huge pot full. So after we had our meal from it, I froze the rest. I froze a couple containers of sauce, so some night I can just take the sauce out, thaw it, cook some pasta, and throw it together. I also froze some into lunch time portions for the husband to take to work, he can just take it from the freezer, put it in his lunch, and re heat it. Just like a microwave dinner but soooo much better. I do this with all sorts of meals, like chili, soups, and stew. I also freeze baked goods or what will become a baked good. When I make a batch of cookies, I will bake a dozen of cookies from the dough then form the rest of the dough and freeze it in bags of a dozen. This is my version of freezer cooking.

My version of freezer cooking is different from any posts that I have read, but I just can’t find the time or put forth the effort to take an afternoon to make a weeks’ worth of meals. Awesome if you can, I wish I could, but I am too lazy to bother. To me making an extra-large batch works well, it has for years.



  • I think you’re smart for making extra on purpose! When just my husband were eating what I fixed, we usually had extra and I’d refrigerate it for lunches. I’m terrible at freezing – I’m always scared that it will be a meal that doesn’t “freeze right!” Any tips on that? 🙂

    • lovelifesimplified

      I just put my extras in a plastic container in husband sized portions and freeze them. They seem to always come out just fine.

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