My daughters writing

Today I was looking through posts that I have written on my computer and came across a two files that I didn’t write but were saved on the computer. They were written by oldest daughter Mia, she loves to write and do math (which is totally unrelated to this). I think she just loves to learn and discover new things and ideas. So much like her Mother, it may be scary in a few years. I also found a power point that she wrote titled “My Family”, however it is not finished so I won’t share it until it is done.

I am going to share her writings, I know she won’t mind. She is so proud of her words and writing, as she should be. The writings are two poems that she has written about her little sisters (SO SWEET), her little sisters are Serena age 5 and Karleigh age 1.



A good kisser!

Really cute!


Eats a lot!

Icy cute!


Happy baby!




Extremely loud

Really weird

Eats a lot





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