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To add to our money saving ways, we have gotten a rain barrel. I am not sure why, maybe for the money savings, but I have wanted one for a couple of years. I always look in odd places to see if I can find an old barrel, but was always unsuccessful. But a few weeks ago our neighbour found one for us, hooray! We put our rain barrel next to our shed and stuck a piece of gutter to the shed, the gutter was also someone’s left over that they no longer wanted and we benefited from that. The only thing we couldn’t find was a downspout to lead the water to the barrel, so I made us a Rain Chain.

A rain chain, what an awesome creation it is! I had never heard of them until I was checking out Pinterest one day and came across some very cool looking Rain Chains. My understanding is the rain chain is a prettier, nicer alternative to a downspout. My favorite part of the Rain chain is that you can make them anyway you like, using whatever kind and size of materials that you wish. I got to making one right away.

Materials Needed:

  • Chain of some type. I found some old stuff that we had lying around
  • Terra Cotta Pots, your choice of size
  • Nuts and bolts



The process of making the rain chain was very simple. I started with the terra cotta pots; the first thing I had to do was to make the holes in the bottom of the pot big enough for the chain to slide through. To do this I stick a pair of scissors in the hole and twisted them until the hole was big enough for the chain to slide through.

The next thing I did was to take the chain and slide it through the holes of the terra cotta pots. The chain I used is something that we found in my husband’s grandfathers old tool box. Thank you Grandad, I can’t even begin to tell you how many miscellaneous items are in that tool box but it has become a go to spot when we need something “unique”.

Once I had all the pots on that I wanted and in the spots that I wanted them, I took the nuts and bolts and put them in the chain link below the terra cotta pot, so that the pot didn’t slide off when I hung the chain up.

The next step was to hang it up at the end of the gutter and then test it out. It worked great after I made a couple adjustments to the pots. The pots need to be all hanging the same direction in order for the water to run into the rain barrel the right way.

It is something pretty to look at and nicer than a downspout as far as I am concerned.



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