Christmas DIY Calendar



Each year for Christmas we give our family a calendar, it is a DIY Calendar, a one of a kind original, and the grandparents LOVE it.

Our calendar making dates back to Christmas of 2006, when we had only 2 pennies to rub together, it was an idea born of necessity but has become a tradition of some sort for us. Each year we still make the calendar, even though these days we have quarters to rub together.

The calendar has evolved over the years, there are a number of ways you can make them, they are different each year. The first year I made them they were huge, I used letter sized cardstock and scrapbooked a calendar with pictures of our new born baby. I held together the giant cardstock pages with binder rings. Looking back they were awful and HUGE!


First calendar I ever made, it was really big. It was too heavy to hang on the wall.


The second year I got a little smarter and used letter sized paper folded in half, so they were half the size of the previous year. This year they were bound with string and beads that I wonderfully sewed into the paper. That’s right I sewed them into the paper! Again we used pictures of the baby from the year. Our plan when our calendars started was to use pictures from that year only in the calendar.

There was a couple years where I was pregnant or didn’t want to make them because I was so busy that I cheated. I went to the craft store and bought a readymade calendar that I just had to stick pictures in. Bad, bad, bad, cheating is never good.


Another year we put in some pictures and then our oldest daughter drew pictures for some of the months. At that time she was just learning to print, so she also wrote out all the months.

This past year, I think we made the best calendar to date. Our two oldest girls drew pictures for each month, there was no photographs at all. The calendar parts themselves were still premade but we added a special touch.


This year we have a new great idea, I can’t wait to get started, did you know there is only about 140 days until Christmas…….


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