Back to School Lunch


Lunch includes: Macaroni with pasta sauce, banana, yogurt tube, and animal crackers

Here we are again, it’s that time of the year when the children go back to school and the parents are faced with the task of lunch making every. single. day. Let’s face it lunch making can be boring and rather tiresome and tedious but it is even harder when you have a picky eater and most schools are now peanut or nut free.

This year my middle daughter starts school, I am sad but she is jumping over the moon excited. This year I am tasked with making 2 school lunches each day, for 2 children with very different likes and dislikes.

We discovered the first year our oldest daughter went to school that the time allotted for lunch is not always enough for slow eaters and she often came home with most of her lunch. I have learned a few things since then, so school lunches in our home have guidelines.


Lunch includes: Mini blueberry bagel, Watermelon, 2 homemade donuts, Blueberries, and a yogurt tube


Our guidelines are:

  • We don’t do items such as fruit roll ups, dunkaroos, chips, etc. They are not filling, take too much time to eat, and well, they are just not good for you.
  • On Fridays, you may have a “treat” in your lunch, this is usually a homemade cookie.
  • As a rule we don’t buy juice boxes, kool aid jammers, or pre-packaged anything but we have been known to on occasion. Ok, we never buy Kool Aid jammers as much as the child begs for them, hello sugar, no way!
  • Lunch must always have at least one fruit and one vegetable

Lunch includes: Toast with butter, cheese and crackers, blueberries, and apple sauce

To get this year started off right, I have sat down with my girls to get their input about lunches, after all they need to eat them so they should help out in the decision making. We made a list of their “ideal school lunch” and have created a menu plan for them and for me as well. I have to pack and they have to eat them, so this is a joint effort.

Here is what my girls came up with. I do have to say my 5 year old was not really happy about writing a list because she can’t spell or write yet, but she came up with the idea to draw pictures and her sister wrote the words for her.



To help with the lunch planning and to make sure we have the groceries needed to make the lunches that the girls want, I purchased these sticky pads with the days of the week on them.



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