Our daughter is a princess, she truly believes that she is, she loves to look her best. I encourage this as much as I can, I missed it with our oldest daughter. She would rather be playing with lego and doing sports then painting her nails and getting her hair done.

A princess needs a vanity to sit at to do her hair, nails, and make up. So I guess it is not really a need, but more of a want on my part. I was looking for a second hand vanity that I could purchase for my daughter to use, when I came across one at RE. You can read all about RE here. Anyway the vanity was what I like to call “Old School”, it was a nasty gold color and I didn’t like it at all. But all the lights were going off in my head, so I bought it and re finished it.


To start on my journey of re creating this wonderful vanity, I had to sand the Vanity, it had some rust on it and in order to help the paint stick better I had to rough up the gold gross ness just a bit. After the sanding was complete, I wiped off the vanity with a cloth to remove any dirt and dust.


My next step was to spray paint the whole thing black. Which was fun, I have never spray painted anything properly, it always has runs and isn’t on evenly. But the last time I spray painted something, my husband was there and he helped a lot in telling me how to do it right the next time (wink wink). So I set out and spray painted the vanity black and I did it very well. There were no runs or unevenness or anything. After it was painted I left it to dry.


When it was time to paint around the mirror, I took the glass out first, then painted the frame. Once it was dry I put the mirror back in. To paint the frame you could also cover the mirror with paper and tape it. For me it was just easier to take it out.

When I purchased the vanity it had no seat, it had a frame for the chair but no place to sit. So I knew I would have to make something. To make the seat I found and old piece of wood that would fit onto the chair. Once I had it cut and sanded to the size I needed, I had to cover it. A princess needs a cushiony seat to sit on.


My next step was to cover the piece of wood. I purchased some pink vinyl cloth from the fabric store and found an old pillow that was no longer useable as a pillow. I cut the pillow to fit on the piece of wood and then using a staple gun, I stapled the pillow to the wood. I then covered the pillow and wood with the pink vinyl. I stapled the vinyl to the wood making sure that the staples were on what would be the bottom of the seat. After the seat was all together, I screwed it onto the frame. I had to also put some felt floor protectors on the vanity bottoms, so that it won’t ruin the floors in our house.




My vanity fit for a princess is complete. She was so excited when she seen it and even more excited when she realized that it was hers and would be out into her bedroom for all her beauty products.


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