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We spend a lot of time at our home feeding the birds. Our children love to hang upbird feeders, or hanging those bell shaped bird seed things to the tree, or occasionally scraps of bread. I came across what I thought was a neat idea to make a bird feeder using a tea cup and saucer.

So on my Saturday morning hunt, I found myself at RE Used Resale, where I was lucky enough to find myself a tea cup and saucer. I purchased 2 of each, for a total of $2.00. Such a great deal! I headed home with my treasures to make my bird feeder.


To make the bird feeder, I used contact cement to hold them together. I placed the cup on its side, I put contact cement on the side that would sit on the saucer. I also placed contact cement on the saucer where the cup would sit. I allowed the contact cement to sit for 10 minutes, according the manufacturer’s instructions, and then placed the two together. Once they had completely dried, I put birdseed in the cup and made it spill out onto the plate.



I decided against hanging up the bird feeders because it tends to be windy here at times. You could hang it up with some string, by putting the string through the handle on the tea cup and tying it to something, if that is what you choose to do. I can just imagine what would happen here if I hung the tea cup and saucer; it would hit the big ole tree and smash. So I just set it on my deck railings, in a nice safe spot where they shouldn’t fall off.

They look very cute, were simple easy to make, and the project cost came in under $5.00. Now that is my kind of fun.


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