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I have had a vision in my head for a while of a Solar Light for my patio table. I wanted something to light up the area a bit a night when we are out having a fire. I have been searching everywhere for just the right materials, I was thinking an old lamp, or candle sticks, or an old chandelier. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I thought when I see it, I will know it’s right. On one of our Saturday Morning hunts, I went into a unique local shop called RE Used Resale, and that is where I found the item of my dreams. They laughed at me at the store because I let out a squeal of delight when I found it.

Once I had my item, which I think was meant to be a tea light candle holder. I headed to the Dollar Store for some contact cement and 6 solar lights.



When I got home and started to create my solar light, I realized the shape and size of the light was going to be a problem. There was a lot of empty space around the light, so I decided to fill in the remainder of the holder with colorful beads.

Here’s how I made my Solar Light:

  1. Gather the materials you require. I used an old tea light candle holder, 6 solar lights, contact cement, and beads.
  2. Take the stakes off the solar light, so you are left with just the light itself. Remember to also turn the lights on, I forgot with the first one.
  3. To fill the holder around the solar light, I strung together the beads and placed them in the holder and then placed in the light. This gave me an idea of how many beads I would need BEFORE I contact cemented them in. For the size, I required 21 beads to fill around the light.
  4. Now that I knew how many beads I needed, I strung together the 21 of them. I spread some contact cement around the tea light holder and placed the beads in.
  5. Once I had the beads in, I put some contact cement around the bottom of the solar light and stuck it in the area of the holder that had no beads.
  6. I repeated this until all the holders had a solar light and beads contact cemented in.




It looked really great in the daylight, I charged it all day on the patio table. When the sun went down, it was shining brightly love it. But it also gave me another idea, stay tuned…….




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