“The house was clean earlier today, I swear!”

“The house was clean earlier today, I swear!” I tell this to my husband every single day when he comes home from work. My new favorite line to say is “The house will be clean in 20 years when the children move out!” He laughs every time I say that, our children may never move out. Oh yes, they will!!!

I see so many posts about cleaning schedules that other parents have created. I try to follow them but I can’t, there are not enough hours in the day for me to follow a cleaning schedule. Oh how I wish I could! For me to get the dishes done on a daily basis is a miracle, and I have a dishwasher. I am a bit jealous of the Moms out there who can keep their homes clean and shiny. I can’t, I just can’t. I am not saying my house is a disaster or unlivable by any means but it is definitely lived in, it is not a house you would see in a magazine spread. The dishes may go undone, beds may go unmade each day, there may be random piles of laundry lying here, there, and everywhere but I am coming to terms with this.

Someday, some time, in the future, probably not in the near future, I will get my house work under control and maybe even have a cleaning schedule. But for today, probably tomorrow, and in the coming weeks, maybe even years, I am going to embrace the mess and live in a house that is a little dirtier than I want it to be knowing that in 20 years I will have lots and lots of time to keep our home clean. Someday there will be no little feet mudding around or painted hands making hand prints everywhere. There will be less food spills and no toys lying around.

For today I will happily embrace the mess


  • I can definitely relate to this. Once I had two cleaners for 4 hours each clean my house in the morning. He got home from work at the end of the day and didnt even noticed they had been there….

  • I can so relate to this post! I’m jealous of the other moms I see with clean and organized houses. But I know that my kids are having fun and they won’t be little for long. It’s much more fun to play than to wash dishes! 🙂

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