Garden, Garden, Garden Update 1




Finally after a month of trying we got our garden planted, a little later than we wanted to plant it but that’s okay. The weather has just not been cooperating with me; it is either too cold or raining or too cold or raining. We planted it in a different spot this year so hopefully it grows for us and the pheasants stay away.

I am looking forward to sharing the progress of our garden with you as it grows. We want to get lots of tomatos so we can make salsa, ketchup, and pasta sauce. So what did we plant, here is the list:

  • Potatos
  • Tomatos
  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Cauliflower
  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Yellow Beans

We also have grape, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry plants. The strawberries are already ripening and will soon be ready to eat. Yayyyy! Strawberries are so good, I hope we gets lots and lots of them.



My husband dreams of having an apple orchard, it is something that he has talked about for years. So this year for father’s day, we took him to a garden centre and purchased him apple trees. We purchased 4 trees, 2 different kinds of apples. We learned after we purchased 2 trees that we need to have a different kind of apple tree that bloom s around the same time for pollination. So we had to go back and purchase 2 more trees, I suppose we should have researched growing apple trees before we bought them. After we planted our vegetable garden today we checked on the apple trees and found a small apple growing on one of the trees.

We are dreaming of a big plentiful garden this year, there is not much that is better than picking fresh vegetables out of your own garden. I am still dreaming of that fresh cucumber sandwich……….


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