Happy Birthday



Love Life Simplified is 1 years old today!

I can’t even believe it. I have actually stuck to this for a whole year, although there were times when I thought of giving up, I didn’t. I stuck to it and now here we are, 1 year old!

I love to blog and I love to share some of my life with everyone. I am anxious to start our second year together and see what fun things I will have to share with you along the way. I have lots and lots of ideas ready to go. My mind rarely stops, I am always thinking and creating.

I just have to shout out to my friend over at abusymommy.com. I could never of done this if it was not for her and all the help and wisdom she has given me over this past year. She has been truly wonderful and amazing. Answering any crazy question I had and a couple of time she inspired me to keep going when I was going to give up. Thank you so much Jen for all of your help and time that you have given to me, to make my blog a reality.

I look forward to another successful year. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, it is the readers who make it happen for me. I love it when I see the website traffic.

Thank you again

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