Parenting is hard

Parenting is hard, very hard. It is exhausting but rewarding. Challenging but fun. Parenting is so many things, some good, some not so good. There is nothing that can prepare you for it, there will always be something that will happen or come up that will leaving you with a dumb looking expression and saying “What!”

I have three children; I was in no way prepared to have children. The first was a “Surprise, now what are you going to do?”, the second was planned “The oldest needs a sibling” , and the third was “If it happens, it happens”. My oldest is 9 almost 10, there are many things that I am still learning and will continue to learn as she grows and as the others grow.

But you know of all the things that I was unprepared for in a parenting, I have picked up a few things on my journey.

  1. That child screaming and having a fit while leaving the grocery store may very well be mine. Why is she acting this way? I told her NO! Because she doesn’t need something every time we go shopping. I feel that it is okay to say No.
  2. The hugs and kisses are worth any struggle you may have. Often times they will take away any bad feelings you had throughout the day.
  3. I do NOT make my kids say they are sorry. You know they may not be! All I am teaching them when I make them say “I’m sorry”, is that is okay to do bad things and then say sorry, saying “Sorry” makes it okay. It does not!
  4. Children can help out around the house, help requirements varies depending on the child’s age. They need to learn to do it, might as well start young. Maybe that will make up for what they may not do as teens.
  5. Some battles are just not worth fighting. You want to wear red striped pants and a purple polka dot shirt, you go right ahead. It is not worth the argument
  6. Children will love you no matter what, they may not like you sometimes but you are there parents and they need to know that. We tell our children, know that you can always call us no matter what.
  7. The most important and biggest discovery of all, (I wish others could see it too), is that I have three children. The only way these children are alike is in looks and they share the same parents. THAT IS IT! They have different personalities, different wants and needs, different ways of dealing with life, different learning styles. One likes to play soccer, one likes to do ballet. One likes to be the centre of attention, one likes to be alone in her room. One is rigid and controlled, the other is care free. We embrace the differences, I can’t begin to imagine our life if they were all the same.


It is hard but it is rewarding and worth it.


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