Cloth Diaper Wipe



After I decided to use Cloth diapers I began to feel kind of silly every time I used a disposable wipe. I remember using cloth wipes with my second but I used disposable diapers. Looking back that was also kind of foolish; I should have just used cloth diapers. So back to the Cloth wipes, after about a month of using cloth diapers and disposable wipes, I decided to try cloth wipes. I mean really, why not? I was already washing the cloth diapers, what was a few extra wipes.

I decided to make my own cloth wipes because that’s how I do things, why buy it if I can make it. I am sure I could have had designated baby face cloths to use as baby wipes or I could have even cut up flannel receiving blankets but I wanted to have pretty cloth wipes to go with my pretty cloth diapers.

Once I had it in my head that I was going to make them, I decided on a size, fabric choice, and print and then I went ahead and made them. They were so very simple to make, it took no time at all. I made a couple different sizes because I really didn’t know what size I wanted. I ended up going with a 6 inch by 8 inch, as well as a 5 inch by 7 inch size. They have been good sizes, any bigger would be awkward and any smaller, well any smaller and they would be challenging to use.

The wipes I made are double sided. I used two different options with the fabric, one size if flannel and flannel, and the other size is cotton and flannel. For whichever reason that I am unsure of, I do prefer the cotton/flannel wipes.

The biggest challenge with using the cloth wipes was getting them wet to use them. There were many times where I had myself in a “what am I going to do now?” kind of situation. I have heard other women say they use a spray bottle that is filled with a water/soap solution and spray it on babies bottom then wipe off. I have heard others say they just wet the wipe ahead of time. I decided just wet the wipe when it was time for a diaper change. I had a mason jar that I sat on my change table and in it was a water/soap solution that I could just wet the wipe in before I used it. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I promise you it really was not.

Cloth Wipes: Are they for you or not for you?



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